Tired Of Sorting Through Old Video Tapes? How Video Editing Services Can Streamline Your Company Training

When you own a business that offers training to its employees, you end up with a lot of video tapes, DVDs and other media all over the place. Add to that all the different PowerPoints and slides created on the fly, and you will wonder how you ever get any training accomplished. Instead of having to switch between the computer and wall screen to get all the training done, contact a company that does video editing services and have everything meshed together just the way you want it.

These services can do wonders for your training department and keep all your employees on the same level of understanding. Here are just a few examples of what can be done:


Sit down with the video editor and go through all the media you have for any given subject. It won't matter if it is on a VHS, DVD, CD, slide or even on paper. The editor can take everything that you have and put it on one file. You can choose whether to have the file put onto a DVD or flash drive.

If you like, have it put on both and also save it to the cloud in case something happens to the physical copies. Now your employees can easily train on any aspect of the business they need to learn about.

Clean Up Old Copy

Some of the training material you have may be old and not looking too good, but still have valuable information. A video editor will clean up sun damaged tapes, scratched discs and torn or stained papers before consolidating everything. When you get the new file, everything will look good again.

Add Music or Voice

If your old training materials have music or voice-overs, you may want to have the sound deleted and redo it with something more contemporary and up-to-date. If they are silent, you may want to add sound to them. The editor can take care of all of this for you. You will record what it is you want to say and they will add it to the video or graphics.

Once you have all the training materials redone, store the originals for something to laugh at years down the road. Your employees will appreciate the ease with which they can now get the training they need to become a more productive member of your team. Managers will save time trying to find all the materials and having them make sense.

You will enjoy having more productive employees. Save all the new material to your computer and keep one copy on a flash drive locked away. If you ever need a few more discs, they will be easy enough to make. Employees can take a copy home if there is nothing proprietary on it. The whole system will be streamlined.

For more information, contact a company like Watrous Video Productions with any questions.

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