Personalizing Your Wedding Venue

The venue you choose for your wedding ceremony has an important role: it's the backdrop to your whole ceremony! But there are only so many venues to go around, and when wedding season arrives, you might find yourself attending a few other weddings at your chosen venue. As such, it's important to personalize the venue to make your ceremony seem different from the others hosted at your venue. Read on for some tips on how to make your venue all your own. 

Decorate the Path

If guests will enter your venue by a single route, dress it up a little to hint at what they can expect from your ceremony. Plant flags in your wedding colors along each side of the path and let them flap in the wind. Line the path with pinwheels or string twinkle lights along shrubs. If the path is covered, hang fabric or twinkle lights from the ceiling to make the entrance feel romantic. And don't forget the candles. Line paths with lanterns or pillar candles to create a welcoming glow for your guests. 


Flowers allow you to be playful with your venue. If there's an intricate wrought iron fence outside, weave long-stemmed flowers into it. Place bouquets in the arms of statues or put flower crowns on their heads. If you're planning a beach wedding, try burying vases so that it looks like your flowers are growing from the sand. 


If you're having a garden wedding, hang elaborate chandeliers from a few sturdy tree branches or hang tiny lanterns in the trees to illuminate the grounds during cocktail hour. If you know guests will want to be outside, but you're worried about the evening chill, scatter a few chimineas around the property to both light the area and keep your guests warm when the sun sets. Another lighting option is a spotlight on the dance floor or even in your ceremony space that casts your new initials or just a beautiful design on the floor or the wall. And don't forget color. Ask your DJ or venue host to set up colored lights during your reception that can change color as the mood changes. Imagine a soft yellow glow during dinner slowly shifting to a daring purple when people are ready to let loose on the dance floor.

Don't despair if your best friend decided that your perfect venue is also hers. Just use a few of these tricks at a venue like Rolling Meadows Ranch to make the venue appear a little different to your guests and you'll have a wedding day you'll never forget. 

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