Five Tips That Might Save Your Party Or Function

If you are planning a party or event, prepare yourself for some common entertaining pitfalls that could derail your function. While you can’t predict every situation or circumstance that can impact your party, you can prepare for some issues that frequently occur when you are focused on your guests, and when you least expect it. 

Five suggestions that might save your party are:

Arrange for CO2 delivery. Nothing thwarts a good time like running out of beverages. Ensure that this doesn’t occur at your function by arranging for a local vendor (such as Arizona Air Boutique Inc.) to deliver CO2 tanks for your bar and beverages. Furthermore, making your own carbonated drinks for guests costs a lot more than buying premixed soft drinks or mixers, and it allows you some flexibility in creating signature cocktails and refreshments to make your party stand out.

Plan on foul weather. The weather doesn’t always agree with our best-laid plans so have a backup plan ready in the event of cold temperatures, rain, or wind. This may involve renting a party tent to keep your guests comfortable and protected from the elements. A rented party tent is also a convenient option, as many vendors will deliver these to your site and set them up for you.

Rent out a portable toilet. Want to cut down on the lines waiting to use the one bathroom in your house during an event? Rent out a portable toilet; these are becoming more popular to rent for functions and events. Plus, your guests will appreciate having additional facilities when they need them.

Have a licensed driver available. You don’t want any of your guests to run into trouble when they try to drive home, especially when you are serving alcohol at your event. Make sure that you have a licensed driver that has not been drinking available, or go ahead and reserve an Uber driver to take guests home safely afterward if needed.

Ask guests to RSVP. Ask your invitees to RSVP so that you can get a fairly good estimate of how many you can expect to attend your party. This ensures you have enough food and drink, as well as helps to prevent buying too much.

Don’t let the weather or long lines at your bathroom interfere with your party or event. Plan ahead and prepare for these common issues that can impact your guests’ good time. Talk with party rental businesses and vendors about ensuring you have your bases covered and that you are able to circumvent any of these obstacles when you host your next get-together.