Three Reasons To Carry A Bouquet Of Hydrangeas While You Walk Down The Aisle

If the idea of carrying a bridal bouquet made with traditional flowers doesn’t match up with your wedding-day fantasy, consider coloring outside the lines by carrying a bridal bouquet featuring hydrangeas. Following are three great reasons to consider carrying this flower on your way to meet your beloved at the altar.

Hydrangeas Are Allergy-Free

Are your dreams or walking down the aisle on your upcoming wedding day holding beautiful blooms ruined by the realization that your allergies to pollen might cause you to sneeze when the time comes to say “I do”? Fortunately, you don’t have to resort to carrying fake flowers on your way to the altar in order to prevent exchanging your vows with your beloved while in the throes of an allergy attack. Carrying a bouquet of hydrangeas will help ensure a sneeze-free ceremony while not sacrificing beauty. You can mix them with other low-pollen flowers such as orchids, dahlias, and Asiatic lilies, for an allergy-free mixed bouquet or simply carry them alone — hydrangeas are full and fluffy enough to make excellent bouquets without the help of other flowers.

Hydrangeas Are Affordable

Hydrangeas are prolific bloomers that are extremely affordable during the summer months when they are in bloom. If you’ve got a friend or relative with a blooming hydrangea shrub, all you need to do on the morning of your wedding is stop by and snip your bridal bouquet. Even if a hydrangea shrub isn’t available, your florist is sure to have plenty of hydrangea flowers on hand or know where to get them quickly. If you’re having a winter wedding and have your heart set on hydrangeas, they may cost a little more than during summer, but they will still be available from growers in other parts of the world and can be flown in.

Hydrangeas Are Versatile

Hydrangeas feature abundant old fashioned charm and come in soft blue, pink, and white. They can be used alone for a rustic-yet-elegant bridal bouquet or combined with other blooms for various effects. Hydrangeas can be dresses up, down, or anywhere in between in order to reflect the degree of formality or casualness of the occasion. Paired with other old fashioned cottage garden flowers, they make piquant statements brimming with homespun charm. However, hydrangea flowers combined with elegant lilies and orchids make a bouquet fit for a formal wedding in a palace. A few blooms by themselves are ideal for pairing with a wedding dress that features clean, simple lines for a modern minimalist statement.

Your local florist can provide you with other lovely alternatives to traditional bridal bouquets. Contact a business, such as Aladdin’s Florist & Wedding Chapel, for more information.