Planning Your ‘Game Of Thrones’ Themed Wedding

When you get engaged and begin to think about what you want from your wedding, you may look to your favorite television shows and movies for inspiration. If you have settled on a Game of Thrones themed wedding, the next step is to get down into the details of your wedding planning to make your dream a reality. Get to know some ways that you can incorporate your theme into your wedding so that you can begin making all of the arrangements you need right away.

Design Wedding Invitations Inspired By The Game of Thrones Houses

Your wedding invitations are one of the first elements of your wedding that you will need to plan and get started on. As such, you want your guests to recognize and understand your wedding theme with those invitations so they are prepared and can get in on the fun of it all.

To do this, you can incorporate the emblems or crests of the Game of Thrones houses onto your wedding invitations. A fun way to do this is for both you and your fiance to each select a favorite house from the show and use the crests to represent your two families on the invitation (i.e. bringing the houses together). This can help you to create a fun and yet classy and stylish wedding invitation.

Go Regal With Your Wedding Rentals

If anything is true of the world of Game of Thrones, the weddings are epic. While you do not want to relive the “Red Wedding” or any other wedding outcome on the show, the decor and regal aspects of the weddings are something that you can recreate.

When you get your party rentals for your wedding, make sure you make choices that have rich and luxurious colors. Black high back chairs can help to give the impression of the much sought after Iron Throne. Consider table cloths that are a bright white with table runner in a rich, deep red tone for contrast and a luscious feel fit for Game of Thrones royalty.

You may also want to set mood lighting at your wedding reception with rented candelabras and chandeliers with taper candles. This will give you that mysterious and old world feeling that you love about the castles of Game of Thrones.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to incorporate a Game of Thrones theme into your wedding planning, you can get started as soon as possible to create a unique themed wedding that will delight you and your guests.