The Details Event Planners Need in Order to Perfectly Plan Your Next Corporate Event

While most event planners can take an idea and go above and beyond your expectations, they can't read your mind. If you have been tasked as the contact for your company's event planner, a little advice up front from you can help your event go off without a hitch. Here are four things that event planners will need from you to make your upcoming work event a success.

1. The Vision of Your Company

If your company lets their hair down and parties, this is great! If they don't, and an event planner goes all out on a booze cruise or other wild event, your strait-laced boss may be unimpressed. There are other details you can guide your event planner through in the initial planning stages. This might involve how formal your company likes to get and if additional entertainment should go above and beyond dinner and dancing.

2. Your Budget

It's important that you understand your max budget before getting your corporate event off the ground with an event planner. You might just waste time if you have to scale back on your event in the middle of planning due to overestimation of your budget. Whether you are the office manager or the CEO, be sure to check in with accounting to ensure you give the correct budget to your event planner.

3. Your Guest List

While an event planner can help with final numbers and RSVPs, if they aren't given the proper tools to get started on this process, an estimated headcount will be nearly impossible. Get confirmation from your company if spouses or others such as vendors are invited to the event. Get all of this on paper so that your event planner has a jumping-off point.

4. What Stays and What Goes

If your boss always gives a speech through dessert or if there is an award component to your night, be sure to go over this with your event planner. Discuss what traditions are a must and which can be revamped. There might be a fine line between bringing in new, fresh ideas to a corporate event and sticking with tradition. If you can clue in your event planner with what matters and what can go, these instructions can be followed and finessed.

Event planners aren't mind readers, and you will need to meet them halfway if you are the office contact for an upcoming event. It is important to have communication with your event planner and make sure they see your company's vision. Getting your needs clarified will help your event planning go well so that you and the event planner can create the perfect celebration.

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