Baby, It's Cold Outside -- 4 Hot Winter Wedding Ideas for Any Budget

If you're planning a winter wedding, you've chosen a special time of year to celebrate your love. While summer weddings are the most common choice for many, winter weddings have their own unique ways to make your big day special. Here are five winter wedding themes to get you started.

White Wedding. An all-white wedding theme is classic and traditional with just a hint of formality. You can opt for any shade of white or ivory that appeals to you and in which you find the right accessories or dresses. The absence of color throughout your decorations embraces the whiteness of winter snows and makes things like string lights and small gold or silver accents really stand out. Look for white bridesmaid dresses, white flower bouquets, and centerpieces featuring groupings of small white candles.

Outdoors Inside. Bring the woodsy feeling of a winter forest inside for your wedding. Evergreen accents -- like garlands, chair backs, centerpieces, and cake decorations -- are easy to DIY if you're on a budget. Use frosted pine cones as place card holders or string them in a garland for an accent wall. You can incorporate things like winter berries, bare twigs, and wooden pieces into any wedding decoration to help give it a personalized touch.

Cozy Ceremony. If it's truly cold outside your wedding venue, embrace the need to warm up your guests. Leave soft fleece blankets wrapped with twine at each place setting. Serve a hot cocoa, cider, or hot toddy bar. Have a few fun friends make the rounds throughout the venue with a rolling coffee bar. Warm up the bridesmaids in fluffy wraps or beautiful cardigan sweaters. Find a venue with fireplaces and place comfy furniture around them to encourage people to warm up and relax.

Christmas. Of course, any December wedding can easily be given a festive holiday theme. You may want to marry in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree or feature a walkway lit with white string lights. Decorate with gilded accents and a holiday red base color. Hang some mistletoe for guests -- and the bridal couple -- to share a kiss under. As guests leave, give them a custom-made tree decoration with your monogram and dates on it.

Any of these fun winter wedding ideas will undoubtedly result in a beautiful and fun day for both you and your guests. For venue spaces, contact Metlife Stadium and see what they have available.

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