Planning A Tradeshow Exhibit? Ensure Your Image Aligns With Your Brand

In the business sector, image and brand go hand-in-hand. If you're gearing up for a big tradeshow event, remember this concept. The type of image that you display is critical as it gives potential partners and clients an idea of your brand and quality. Ensure your image matches your goals.  

Choose The Right Talent

When determining which employees will represent your business at the event, the selection criteria should be less about title and more about skill. Tradeshow events are fast-paced, laborious and ever-changing. Your team needs to be able to meet these demands while remaining professional and knowledgeable for each person that visits the booth.

Only choose team members that can meet these criteria, even if this means selecting an employee over a supervisor. Choosing an employee who doesn't fall in line with these goals may give someone the wrong idea about your organization.

Have Something To Offer

For the most part, tradeshows are all about information. They are a way to showcase and highlight your brand to a group that may be unfamiliar with what you provide. While you want to share information, it's also a good idea to ensure each person walks away with something tangible.

For instance, if you're a new beverage brand, this can be a small sample of your drink, if you're a hair care product brand, this could be a small product sampling. The goal is to display an image of preparedness and by having something to offer, you show potential partners that you're more than just a concept, but a thriving brand that is ready to do business.

Plan For The Unexpected

Always plan for the unexpected. In a fairy tale world, things always go as planned. However, things are quite the opposite. Banners rip, display easels fail and electronics fail. When there are hundreds or thousands of other exhibits on the floor, people don't want to hear your excuses about the easel breaking on the way to the hall or that you're waiting on the phone for a tech to figure out the computer problem.

To people that don't know much about your company you will simply look unprofessional and unprepared. Always have a backup in case the unexpected occurs.

To ensure the image portrayed at your tradeshow showcase is aligned with your brand goals – careful planning and preparation are essential. Work with your team to ensure you are planning an awesome and effective event. 

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