3 Good Reasons To Hire A Mixologist For Your Corporate Holiday Party

You have the guest list ready, the venue picked out, and you have even hired the musician for entertainment. before you put a bow on your corporate event plan and say it's ready to go, there is one other professional you should consider hiring for the party: a professional in mixology. A mixologist is a bartender who is highly skilled at mixing an array of cocktails and beverages. They are entertaining to watch and offer a service at the party that everyone will enjoy. Here's a look at a few good reasons to hire a mixologist for your corporate holiday party. 

You can better control the alcohol content of drinks with a mixologist at the party. 

There can be some pretty disastrous things that occur at a corporate holiday party if the alcohol served is not properly monitored. If guests are left in charge of mixing their own cocktails or pouring their own glasses of wine, they will be more likely to overindulge and end up a little too tipsy. A mixologist mixes drinks according to their recipe with only the required amount of alcohol, so a lot of drinks won't be too stout in alcohol content. Plus, when people have to ask for their drinks, they will be a little more mindful of how much they are consuming.

You will see less waste because people get drinks they like. 

A lot of corporate planners go the route of picking a few cocktails or types of wine they want served at an event and expect that in doing so, they will keep beverage costs down. However, when there is a limited choice of drinks to pick from, people will be more likely to pick out a drink only to discover they really don't care for its flavor. With a mixologist at the event, guests can order whatever drink they want for the most part, so you know they will be getting something they like that will not get tossed.

You will add an extra layer of entertainment to the event plans. 

There is something fascinating about watching a mixologist at work. A swish here, a bottle twirl there, and bam–a beautiful cocktail is ready to go. Serving drinks the old-fashioned way is pretty lackluster in comparison. Your guests will enjoy the ability to walk up to the bar, order the drink they want, and watch it be made right in front of them by a professional with showman skills. 

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