Four Ways To Transform Folding Chairs For An Event

When you are planning a backyard party, folding chairs provide an excellent option for seating. However, you may want to decorate or adorn the chairs to create a more upscale or festive look for your event. Here are just some of the many ways you can transform a simple folding chair to create a custom look for your party.

Tulle Ties

A simple, easy way to decorate folding chairs is to create tulle ties for each seat. You can purchase rolls of tulle from your local fabric or craft store for this project. Simply measure a length of tulle that can be wrapped around the seat back, leaving enough extra material to create a bow that hangs from the back of each seat. Create a knot in the center of each seat back, and slip a few silk or fresh flowers in the center. This option is ideal for a casual backyard wedding.

Satin Chair Covers

Chair rental companies may have satin chair covers available for rent. These covers come in a range of colors, from crisp white to bright shades of pink, blue, and purple. This makes it easy to select the colors that fit your party theme. They also come in several different styles to choose from. The covers fit from the top of the chair to the bottom of the legs, concealing the folding chair's design for an elegant look. They can be customized with silk or tulle ties for a beautiful finishing touch.

Ribbon Ties

Ribbon can be used in a number of ways to decorate your folding chairs. Create beautiful bows that can be placed on the chair at the end of each aisle to create a stunning accent for wedding ceremonies, or simply cut lengths of ribbon that can be wrapped around the seat backs for a pop of color. If you will be using flowers to decorate your event space, consider working them into your ribbon designs for a breathtaking look.

Rented Seat Cushions

Rented seat cushions provide a bit of added comfort for guests, and they can be used with ribbon ties or tulle ties for a luxurious addition to your event space. These cushions come in bright white, metallic hues, and bold colors, and they can be rented as part of your party package. The cushions are easy to put in place on each chair, and they create a custom look for your event.

Talk to your local party rental company to discuss all of the potential chair rental and accessory options so you can create a stunning look for your next event.

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When you are planning a backyard party, folding chairs provide an excellent option for seating. However, you may want to decorate or adorn the chairs

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