Fairy Tale Wedding Venues: Engaging The "Happily Ever After" Moments From The Start

So many girls who become women and find their "prince" always want that "happily ever after" moment. For those dedicated to that moment and want it right from the start, there are several fairy tale wedding venues that make you feel like a princess and prince (or king and queen). The following are just a few of the more notable places for you to consider:

The Famous Castles at Certain Theme Parks

Yes, you absolutely can get married in a theme park castle. In fact, these iconic parks offer bride, groom, and immediate family members a group discount. You marry in the doorway of the castle, spend the night in the secret room of the tallest tower, and dine like royalty in the royal banquet hall of the castle on the premises. All things considered, it may just be less expensive and more lavish than most New York weddings.

Castles in Europe

Dozens of castles in Europe, as well as manor houses and palaces, all offer bridal packages. It is part of their tourist appeal, and thousands of couples have enjoyed staying in these castles-turned-hotels during their nuptials and post-wedding celebrations. The only things you will need are your wedding garments, your passports, and a date that is not already booked. Plan ahead: these venues can be booked up to three or more years in advance.

Fairytale Places for the Non-Christian Wedding

Of course, if you would rather a hand-fasting ceremony for the non-Christian wedding, you can be married in places holy to pagans or druids. (Hand-fasting ceremonies were also common among the common folk who did not have a lot of money to pay a priest or preacher for marriage services.) These places include Stonehenge, sites of ancient Oracles (e.g., the supposed site of the Oracle of Delphi), or a Viking longhouse in Norway. There are many other holy places where hand-fasting ceremonies are both magical and wildly popular. 

Consult a Wedding Planner for More Ideas

If you are not sure which venue works, or if you would like to know more about other fairy tale venues, consult with a wedding planner. He or she can do more research and offer more choices for your venue. If you hire the wedding planner, they can also book these places for you. You would have to provide the down payment and/or pay your wedding planner when they have paid for the venue in full. You can also contact venues like Rainbow Gardens for more information.

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So many girls who become women and find their "prince" always want that "happily ever after" moment. For those dedicated to that moment and want it ri

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