Chair Rental Ideas For Special Events

When planning any type of special event, one of the most important things to consider is your guests' comfort. Make sure that you have enough seating elements to accommodate all of your friends and family members by renting them from an event rental company. 

Before reserving the chairs for your celebration, such as bridal or baby shower, a child's or adult's birthday party, a holiday get-together or a graduation and anniversary soiree, think about the overall decor theme. Choose seats that coordinate the look of your event space, whether its a rustic country barn or an elegant ballroom, for best results. 

No matter what your party-planning budget is, you can find chairs that match your needs. If you can't afford the type of seating that you desire, you can add visual interest with rented chair covers that won't break the bank.

Here are some different types of chair rentals to consider for your next event:

1. Folding Chairs 

Possibly the most wallet-friendly option of all, folding chairs are also convenient as they can easily be transported to and from event venue, as well as in it. Since they easily fold up, you can keep a few extra chairs on hand without taking up too much space.

Folding chairs typically come with coordinating folding tables to create matching sets. For the best look, try to rent folding chairs that are all the same color, such as black or white. If you want to give the basic seats a touch of glamour, top them with soft cushions in various colors and patterns, such as seashell designs for a beach-themed celebration. 

2. Chiavari Chairs 

Chiavari chairs are another popular type of seating element for special events. They're traditionally made of wood or metal and come in range of heights, such as children's table, dining table and bar stool varieties. 

One of the biggest advantages of renting Chiavari chairs is that they are easy to customize to your decor scheme. For instance, if you're holding an enchanted winter wonderland-inspired wedding reception, rent silver-painted chairs. They are also available in gold, natural wood and almost any bright or pastel color. Chiavari chairs can be personalized with seat cushions as well.

3. Unique Chairs 

If your event requires a particular look or style, there are plenty of unique specialty chairs from which to choose. Some options include whitewashed, shabby chic-inspired chairs, sleek, modern clear acrylic chairs, Baroque-style chairs with velvet cushions and backings, and director's chairs.

You may also need bench-style seating, lounge chairs or love seats, depending on the occasion and venue. 

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