The 3 A's To Consider When Renting A Space

When renting a space for a special event or party, there are three A's you should consider: ambiance, accessibility, and acoustics. These three A's will help you choose the right event for your party. 

1. Ambiance 

The first "A" that you need to consider is the ambiance. What does the space feel like? What does the space say to you, and what type of event are you throwing? 

You want to make sure that the feel of the space matches with the type of event you want to hold. For example, a stone brick venue space might have the classy feel you want for a wedding. Or a garden area with lots of greenery may have just the right feeling for an anniversary party, or a fun party room with strobe lights may be perfect for a 16th birthday celebration. You want the feel of the space to match the feel of the party that you want to put on.  

2. Accessibility

The second "A" that you need to consider is the accessibility of the space. Who will be attending the event? What type of access do they need? For example, if you are throwing a baby shower and lots of moms with baby strollers will be attending, you want an event space that has big sidewalks and ramps for the strollers. You would also want bathrooms with changing tables. Alternatively, if a lot of elderly people will be attending the event, you want a venue with lots of close parking. Make sure the layout of the venue fits the needs of the people who will be attending the event.  

3. Acoustics 

The third "A" you need to consider is the acoustics of the space. Sound is really important at a party. Think about the type of sound your event needs. For example, for a really small event, a small venue with low ceilings will create more intimacy and more of a feeling of a party and celebration with a small group of people. In contrast, if you are throwing a big event, you will likely want a larger space with tall ceilings so that people don't have to shout all night in order to feel like the person next to them can hear them. The acoustics of a place help create the mood of your party, so choose carefully.  

When choosing a place, be sure to consider if the ambiance and acoustics meet the needs of your party, and make sure any venue you choose provides accessibility to everyone who will attend. To learn more about your options, contact a company that offers banquet hall rental services.

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