Holding In-Person Employee Training? 5 Steps For Covid-19 Safety

While many business meetings and work can be done in virtual environments due to concern about exposure to Covid-19, not every training session can be taken online. You may need to conduct hands-on training or work with staff one-on-one, for instance, so that everyone actually learns what they need to. 

But just because you must conduct sessions in person doesn't mean you can't make them as safe as possible from any accidental exposure. Here are a few key steps to take. 

1. Talk With the Venue. Professional event venues have made numerous adjustments to provide safer environments. This often includes limiting shared surfaces, doing extra cleaning and disinfecting, wearing masks, and increasing distances between seating. Start your planning process by speaking with your particular venue about their new procedures and guidelines for events. 

2. Rent Extra Space. Social distancing is one of the best protections you can provide for group sessions. To accomplish this, consider increasing the size of the rented room or space so that employees can be placed farther apart. If you can't do this, divide the group into several smaller, staggered sessions where people can remain apart more comfortably and receive the same education. 

3. Remind Employees of the Rules. Your staff is a team when it comes to keeping everyone in attendance safe. Before beginning — and possibly long before arriving — lay out the game plan for safety. Discuss how each person can protect their co-workers by following the guidelines. During the training, assign someone to monitor the event and remind people about safety procedures as needed. 

4. Increase Ventilation, Decrease Length. Any company can take some easy additional steps to boost safety. For instance, increasing air circulation by using fans and opening doors or windows helps reduce potential viral particles in the air. Make your session as short as you can so that exposure is minimized. And consider negotiating the use of an additional outside space at your venue.   

5. Help Employees Prepare. As an employer, you can make the session safer by promoting social distancing for 14 days before your training. Can the personnel involved work from home for that period? If not, limit their need to interact with other employees and encourage everyone to avoid unnecessary social outings before the event. Set the example by prioritizing the health and welfare of attendees. 

Which of these alterations can your company enact so that its training sessions will be safer and healthier? No matter what steps you take, you show that protecting your employees is important to the business and its management. And then everyone can focus on what they need to so as to receive the best training possible. Talk to your local event space, like Russo's On The Bay or another location, for more help and info.

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