Are You Moving Your Winter Wedding To The Outdoors? 3 Benefits Of Adding A Portable Generator Rental To Your Plans

Outdoor events are a safer option for many group gatherings today. While you might have had your heart set on an indoor venue for your nuptials, you can rest assured that being outdoors can be just as beautiful. The key to having a successful outdoor wedding is to plan for how to have enough power to keep your preferred details in place. Choosing to arrange for a portable generator rental offers these three benefits for making sure that all of your wedding dreams come true.

Maintain Your Current Plans

There is nothing like having to pivot after making all of your current wedding plans. Sure, it might feel like all of that hard work is about to go to waste, but it doesn't have to. You can still enjoy having music, food, and any other highlights that you planned for your indoor wedding. A portable generator gives you a reliable power source in outdoor areas where you wouldn't normally have much access to enough energy. With a generator, you can set up lights for a photo booth, run lighting through the tent, and even give your best friend a microphone to share their toast.

Avoid Unsightly Fall Hazards

Outdoor weddings are often held near indoor venues that you might initially think you can use as a power source. While you might be able to get away with running one extension cord to an outdoor electrical socket, it usually becomes more complicated than that with weddings. Trying to pull too much power from one outlet can lead to a tripped breaker. You'll also want to avoid having too many cords running along the ground that can interfere with mingling and dancing. A small generator gives you power without requiring people to watch where they step.

Make Sure You Have Enough Power

Generator rentals can seem complicated if this is your first time planning for one. Fortunately, your rental company can make the process of picking the right one easier than finding a wedding dress. Simply put together a list of the parts of your wedding that require power. For example, the DJ or band will need power for their equipment. The food service crew might also need access to power to keep food warm or prepare dishes on-site. You can use this list to work with your rental representative to identify the complete power needs for your wedding so that the lights stay on all night.

If you've decided to host your wedding outdoors and need access to power, consider contacting a generator rental company today.

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