5 Reasons To Opt For A Micro Wedding

For couples getting married in the pandemic era, weddings have often taken on new forms. One of these is the modern trend of the micro wedding. Why might a micro wedding be perfect for your big day no matter the circumstances? Here are a few good reasons. 

1. You Have Less Work

Planning a wedding is fun for some, but it's not for everyone. If you're not excited by spending months looking at flowers, tasting cakes, and organizing seating charts, a micro wedding simplifies the entire planning process. With a small guest list — usually 10 to 25 guests — and a small venue, your work is dramatically reduced. And you can skip the family drama. 

2. You Have More Venue Choice

When you don't have to find space for hundreds of guests, a big party, and your entire extended family, the choice of venue is nearly limitless. You can scale down a large venue or get married in your favorite location. Many venues have alternate ceremony sites that remain available long after the big rooms have been booked up. 

3. You Can Still Have Tradition

The advantage of a micro wedding over an elopement or even a minimony is that the micro wedding still has all the trappings of a traditional wedding day. You can keep all the traditions — including a first dance, cutting the cake, making toasts, and having a big sendoff — but simply do them with fewer people and less fuss. 

4. You Can Splurge

Because you save significant amounts of money by skipping the big guest list and a large party, you can afford to splurge in other ways. You might afford a venue you couldn't otherwise. Or maybe you'd like to hire that live band, splurge on a wedding coordinator, or spend extra on your dress. Savings in some areas mean the sky is the limit in other ways. 

5. You Get More Intimacy

Large wedding parties can be fun, but they sometimes lose their sense of friendship and romance amid all the extra people and work. A micro wedding, on the other hand, boosts the intimacy factor by limiting distractions. You focus only on what you really want most and who you want most to be there. 

Want to know more about planning a micro wedding? Start by meeting with wedding venues in your area. With their expertise working with other couples, you can plan the perfect intimate nuptials that will make your day the best it can be. 

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