Decorative Signs To Rent For Your Wedding

The right decorations can go a long way toward improving the look of your wedding. Instead of buying these items, it makes sense to rent what you need from an event rental company that carries a wide selection of wedding decorations. There are all sorts of things that you may wish to rent, including a selection of decorative signs. Most event rental companies have lots of different signs that are appropriate for use during your special day. Here are three decorative signs that you may want to rent.

Blackboard Signs

A lot of people rent blackboard signs that they can use in different ways at their weddings. A decorative frame around the blackboard section adds style to this sign, which can have value at both your ceremony and reception. At your ceremony, you might write messages on these signs that welcome your guests to the event or that remind them to turn their phones off before the start. You can use blackboard signs at your reception to encourage people to visit the bar and grab a cocktail before dinner.

Marquee Letters

You'll see marquee letter signs at a lot of weddings, and this stylish addition can work well in several areas of your reception venue. Marquee letters are large letters that typically have lights inside of them. Commonly, you'll rent letters that represent the first letter of your given name and the first letter of your spouse's given name. You can also rent an "&" sign, and then place it between the two letters. Alternatively, you might wish to rent marquee letter signage to spell out words such as "Love" or "Celebrate." Decorative marquee letters are available in modern and rustic designs, so you can choose which products will suit your wedding's theme.

Seating Chart Signs

Lots of event rental companies have decorative seating chart signs that you may wish to rent and display at your reception. These signs are available in many creative designs. You'll want to consider your seating setup before you select a sign to rent. For example, if you'll have 10 tables for your guests, you'll want a sign that has enough space to write out the seating arrangement for each of these tables. Many seating chart signs are made of glass, allowing you to write on them in a colored marker for a stylish look.

Learn more about choosing wedding decorations by contacting an event rental company.  

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