Consider These Factors When Deciding The Height Of Your Pipe And Drape System

When you visit a local event rental company to begin the process of renting a pipe and drape system for an event that you're hosting, you'll need to make a number of important decisions. One of the decisions that you'll need to make is how tall you want the system to be. Pipe and drape stands are available for rent in several different heights — everything from roughly equal to your waist to well above your head. You might not have an immediate idea about what height will be suitable, so it's worthwhile to consider these three points.

What You're Concealing

A lot of people use pipe and drape systems to conceal things. For example, if you're unveiling products on a trade show stage that you don't want people to see until the time is right, a pipe and drape system can be an effective visual barrier. If you're using this product to conceal something, you should think about the size of what you're concealing. For example, if the items are 6 feet in height, you'll want to choose a pipe and drape system that is at least this tall. This will ensure that your items aren't visible above the top pipe.

Venue Ceiling Height

By the time you're getting ready to rent a pipe and drape system, it's likely that you have your event venue chosen. You'll want to confirm the ceiling height in the room in which you'll be setting up the pipe and drape system. The last thing that you want is for the system to be too tall — something that could potentially happen in certain venues. For example, if you're putting on a play in the basement of a church that has a low ceiling, you'll want to ensure that your pipe and drapes stop short of the ceiling.

Venue Access

You'll also want to think about where in the venue you'll be setting up your pipe and drape system. At some venues, you'll need to navigate stairs, elevators, tight hallways, and other challenging issues on your way to where you'll set things up. You may find that in such a venue, shorter pipes are simply easier to move around. Provided that you don't need them to be of a specific height, you might favor shorter pipes. Visit an event rental center that carries a large selection of pipe and drape systems to choose a system of the right height for your event.

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