Top Things To Keep In Mind When Determining Where Portable Toilet Rentals Should Be Set Up At Your Venue

Portable toilet rentals are a necessity for all sorts of events and venues. Whether you're hosting a music festival, concert, block party, outdoor wedding, or just about any other type of event, you'll need to be sure that there are ample restroom facilities available for everyone to use. Not only should you determine which company you should rent your portable toilets from and the number of portable toilets that you should rent, but you should also put some thought and consideration into where they should be set up. These are the top things that you should keep in mind when you're choosing placement for the portable toilets that you're going to be renting.

Make Sure They Aren't in the Way

First of all, you'll want to think about where everything is going to be set up at the venue on the day of your event; then, you can be sure that the portable toilets are not in the way. If you're hosting a music festival, for example, you should consider where stages will be set up and where spectators will sit and stand. You should think about where concession stands will be placed, too. Then, you can be sure that you don't accidentally have your portable toilets set up in an area where other things are going to be set up.

Ensure They're Easy to Set Up and Remove

Next, you should be sure that there is ample access for the truck that is going to be bringing in the portable toilets and picking them up. Then, you can be sure that there aren't any problems during drop-off or pick-up.

Ensure They're Easy for People to Access

You'll want to be sure that everyone who needs to make use of your portable toilet rentals is able to do so with ease, so you should definitely keep convenience in mind when you're choosing the placement.

Make Sure They Aren't an Eyesore

Many companies that rent out portable toilets offer nice-looking, good-quality portable toilets. However, they might still be a bit of an eyesore if they are placed too prominently on the site of your venue. Because of this, you may want to tuck them in areas where they can be easily accessed but where they won't be on the front and center display. This can help you be sure that your venue has the look that you want it to have, all while still being sure that there are ample portable toilets available for everyone in attendance to use. 

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