Tips For Capturing Live Bull Riding Event Videos

Bull rodeos offer a lot of excitement, but each ride comes and goes quickly. You can relive some of your favorite bull rides when you record live videos and snippets as you attend events. A bucking bull event features a wide range of ticket options to get you close to the action and record video. 

Before you attend the event, check out some tips to help you capture memorable phone videos that you can look back on and enjoy over and over again. Each tip will help you capture the best quality videos and ensure you don't run into some of the more common issues.

Support Your Elbow

Bulls move furiously as they get released from the gate. As the bull bucks and spins, you do not want movements in your arms to cause additional motions in your videos. As you hold a phone up to record, supply some extra support to your elbow. The elbow support will help stabilize the phone and create more fluid videos.

Ideally, you could take your free hand and mount it right underneath the elbow. You could also find support right in the stands you sit on. Brace your elbow up against a barrier or armrest for additional stability and support.

Record Slow-Motion Videos

The average bull ride will only last a few seconds and there's a lot of action in a short period of time. See all of the vivid details and movements when you record clips in slow-motion. A high-quality slow-motion capture can showcase a lot of the little details. When you play the video back, you can see the details of the bull as it bucks, jumps, and moves around.

You could also look at the details of the rider as they attempt to hang on and outlast the movements of the bull. The slow-motion videos will play for longer and give you more ways to edit the video in the future.

Avoid the Zoom

When you sit in the stands for a bull riding event, you will naturally want to zoom in and capture a closer video. Unfortunately, most phones only include digital zoom and the optical zoom features are limited. Avoid zooming altogether. The more you zoom, the more dramatic the shaky moments will appear. The video quality will not appear as sharp either.

Ideally, you want to record the full video without zoom and then crop the video afterward to capture just the ride. Plus, you do not want the bull to run out of the frame if you zoom in too close.

The more bull riding events you attend, the better you will get at video captures.

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