Brunch Wedding? 5 Ways It Changes Venue Shopping

A brunch wedding can be a simple answer to many wedding day challenges. It saves money, time, and effort. But as you shop for wedding venues for your daytime event, it's a good idea to approach them differently, How? Here are a few key areas in which brunch nuptials may affect the venue you choose.  

1. The Venue Options May Be Different

Your choice of venues may be larger or smaller for a brunch wedding than for an evening event. The good news is that you may find more open spaces in the early hours than in the evenings. However, not all venues may be set up to accommodate daytime nuptials. You may need some additional patience, but you may also be rewarded with a better deal. 

2. Lighting and Effects Are Different

With evenings being the most popular time to exchange vows, wedding venues may be geared toward that time of day. Sunlight will be different in the morning than in the afternoon and evening. You may want to take advantage of the sunrise rather than the sunset. Light will reflect differently off that water feature or in a spot commonly used for photos. These just mean you'll want to target your needs. 

3. You'll Need a Smaller Space

Understandably, you are likely to see fewer people attend a morning wedding than an evening one. This is great for crafting an intimate and less expensive shindig. It also opens up different venues you may not have been able to use for a more traditional nighttime party. Look for a right-size venue that won't be overcrowded or feel empty. 

4. Other Events Come After Yours

Working with a venue that hosts more than one event at a time? Then you may see a unique timeline for sharing your space. Multiple-event venues often have other events prepping and going on while yours is still going. However, a brunch wedding will likely see others in the very early stages, and they may need your space after you're done. Talk with venues about how they ensure you always feel like the star of your day. 

5. There's a Different Vibe

Morning weddings generally have a slightly different tone and feeling than evening ones. It may be less formal, more whimsical, more intimate, or less serious. Look for a venue that goes along with this unique atmosphere. It may or may not be the same one you would have chosen for a nighttime event. 

Where to Start

Ready to start planning your brunch wedding? Begin by touring available wedding and reception venues in your area and meeting with their experienced staff. No matter what you want from your morning nuptials, you're sure to find a unique space to fill with joy and love. 

Contact a local wedding venue to learn more. 

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